In the Press

Welcome to our Press Highlights, where the elegance and authenticity of Caviar and Chèvre have captured the attention of esteemed publications. From exclusive features to in-depth articles, explore how our dedication to sourcing only the finest luxury handbags and providing personalized service is celebrated by the media. Dive into our stories below and discover why Caviar and Chèvre is at the forefront of the luxury resale market.

Not Just Our Favorite Leathers

Dubbed as 'Not Just Our Favorite Leathers,' our feature in PurseBop celebrates the meticulous curation of our collection and our unwavering dedication to authenticity.

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Power Woman

In 'The Authentic Trailblazer,' JWC Media delves into our pioneering approach to luxury resale, highlighting our exceptional customer service and commitment to genuine luxury.

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Hinsdale Boutique

Highlighted in Classic Chicago Magazine's 'Spring Is In the Bag' for our unparalleled selection of luxury handbags. Dive into the essence of spring luxury with us.

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